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Phone: (281) 600-2702

Burnitt Property Tax Advisors - (281) 600-2702

Burnitt Property Tax Advisors
Address: 16840 Barker Springs Road Suite # 301
Houston, Texas 77084

Phone: (281) 600-2702
Fax: (281) 600-2707
E-mail: kvanhook@burnittpta.com
Website: www.burnittpta.com

Hours Of Operation:
Monday to Friday
8 AM to 5 PM

Affiliations & Certifications:
Licensed by Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation, Licensed by Institute for Professionals In Taxation, Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker and Salesman

A Leader In Tax Analysis

A Professional Analysis & Personal Attention

Specialized Knowledge & Experience

About Us

Burnitt Property Tax Advisors is generally recognized as an industry leader in property tax analysis. As part of our comprehensive service approach, we have developed a customized computer software system for tracking and analyzing real estate values. Based on a database of comparable sales compiled over a period of years, this system is constantly upgraded to reflect current real estate trends and appraisal office requirements. This proprietary system enables us to respond quickly to specific client needs.

These are the licenses we have accomplished:

Responsible Growth

Since our beginning in 1981, Burnitt Property Tax Advisors has experienced a well planned and carefully managed growth in the Houston, Texas area. Each client relies on and receives expert personal attention from our staff of tax professionals. Today we serve a client base that owns over 1.5 billion dollars of real estate with individual property values ranging from a hundred thousand to over one hundred million dollars.

Experience Counts

Our staff has a combined experience of many decades in the ad valorem tax field. We are experienced in all aspects of property tax appraisal, appeal and analysis. This experience translates into a solid reputation within the industry and true effectiveness for our clients. In the ad valorem tax field, experience counts. Burnitt Property Tax Advisors staff members understand the industry and are recognized throughout. Tax appraisal offices know our work to be honest and thorough.

A Few Final Words

Consulting firms in any field thrive according to their reputation. This statement is especially true in the specialized world of ad valorem taxes. Burnitt Property Tax Advisors has built a solid reputation for professional expertise, honesty and effectiveness. We are known for this reputation by both our clients and the personnel at the various appraisal offices. Part of our effectiveness is no doubt based on this reputation.

If you are considering the use of our services we urge you to check us out. Our reputation is not only solid, but also one of the effective tools we bring to the servicing of your account.

Finally, we believe in the personal touch. While we try to utilize the latest technology to streamline our operation and provide a competitive edge, we never forget that at both ends of every transaction is a person. We strive to combine professional analysis with personal courtesy. When our clients call our office, they will always find someone who understands their needs and can respond quickly.

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